Become a Funeral Celebrant – Level 3 OCN Accredited Diploma

Funeral Celebrant Level 3 OCN Accredited Diploma

More and more people these days are choosing to celebrate the life of a loved one in their own way without having a traditional church service, and there is a growing demand for good Celebrants to help them. Accompanying a family on this journey at the end of a life is one of the most rewarding and profound gifts someone can offer at a difficult time, and we are here to help YOU become the best celebrant you can be. We provide a comprehensive training course that is recognised as one of the best in the market place which offers a unique and personal approach to creating beautiful and meaningful services.

About this course

On this course you will gain knowledge and insights from successful practitioners who have led thousands of funerals and trained over 600 funeral celebrants since 2008. We know what works.

Our integrated approach means that you will use both practical and academic methods to help you learn in the most enjoyable and suitable way that suits you. The course will be delivered over two weekends two months apart to give you time to assimilate your learning.

Our tutors are highly skilled in different disciplines, not only practising funeral celebrants and directors, but also with extensive training in performance, comparative religions, teaching, psychotherapy, music, social care, end of life, creative writing, business skills and rites of passage.

Our modular Diploma means you can take each part of the training as a separate complete unit each of which has recognised learner credits. You can mix and match modules as you wish, or you can take just a single module as a CPD day to supplement other trainings or qualifications as all modules are open to everyone.

We offer a course that has a strong emphasis on ritual and ceremony with representatives from various religious traditions as trainers. This means that our course is uniquely placed to give you an understanding of different religious and spiritual perspectives and a thorough grounding in the importance of Ritual.

You will make strong relationships with your fellow students and we provide active mutual support networks. You will have your own personal tutor to guide , an active googlegroup with over 600 regular celebrants and ex students and we help you for your first 3 funerals

We are there to support you all through the home learning, there are regular check in sessions on zoom and we hold homework factories to attend if you wish for advice and completion of assignments. Our aim is to make this course accessible to all types of learning styles and build success.

Many of our Fd’s and Fc’s have gone on to win National Awards such as the Good Funeral Guide Funeral Director of the Year, Green Funeral Director of the Year, Direct Cremation Provider of the Year, Arranger of the Year, Most Promising New Funeral Director of the Year and Celebrant of the Year. We have a very high student satisfaction rating given by our trainees

We are able to advise on training grants and offer regular scholarships.


Type: Live and Home Study
Location: Nationwide
Length: approx. 6 months

What will I learn?

We enable our celebrants to create funeral ceremonies with heart and soul, that are deeply satisfying and meaningful.

You will learn about other cultures and histories of funeral practice.

We give time to understand why funeral are important, what is the structure of a good ceremony, and how ceremonies take the mourners on an important rite of passage and process.

How listening deeply and well to families and their stories of the person who has died can help facilitate a profoundly healing journey in their grieving.

You will learn how to how to write a beautiful and meaningful script for the day that is both unique and relatable.

You will learn how to present your script on the day with engagement and presence so that you will be someone the Funeral Director will come back to, and that families will remember.

You will learn about different kinds of funerals from burials to memorials, and see how to apply your understanding of the flow of a good service to other types of rite of passage for which we offer further training days.

This is a practical based course in which you will discover how to become a more effective listener and how to really be alongside people in grief. We are lucky to have the author of the book ‘Being Rock’ Mandy Preece with us to facilitate this module who brings her vast experience and relatable approach to listening well. You will learn how to deal with conflict, to create a safe space for others and also how to gently encourage people to open up.

This course is suitable for all those who work in the caring professions, or those who work with people, and offers a unique and new understanding in supporting them. It is a core module for the Celebrant training and takes place on day Two.

You will learn:

  • How to listen effectively without judgement
  • What does grief look like?
  • Managing family conflict
  • Encouraging stories
  • Listening to children


The idea of ‘being’ there for someone in their time of need is familiar to us all, of course, as is being able to ‘listen’. But very few people truly understand HOW to do this effectively. This book explores that in a unique way, looking at how to be present with someone without being oppressive, intrusive, competitive or seeking to fix problems. Mandy has a wealth of knowledge on this subject because she truly practices what she preaches.

Jennifer Hart, UK

This module is the core of the Celebrant training and looks at the elements of the ceremony in real depth, asking the questions about just why we have a funeral, what makes it meaningful and how to create the profound journey that enables mourners to move forwards after a bereavement.

Drawing on the experience of over 6,000 different funerals between them, your trainers Angela Ward and Pauline Hyde-Coomber will work with you to understand just what is important about funerals, how to make each one different and to create beautiful and personal experiences that mark out your ceremonies as something special.

You will learn about:

  • Why are funerals important?
  • The psychological journey of ceremony
  • The importance of ritual
  • The different parts of the funeral and how to make each one meaningful and personal
  • The history of funerals
  • Different cultures and beliefs
  • How to create a good Eulogy
  • Social and cultural contexts

I just wanted to say a very big thank you from all the family for arranging yesterday so well – it was a really perfect service and just what we had hoped for. My father would definitely have appreciated it. It helped make a sad day a more uplifting one.

My daughter Sophie who is a social documentary photographer has been doing a project on funerals over the last few years. She said that of all the many she has attended, her grandfather’s was the most personal and intimate. She thought that your address was particularly good. We can’t thank you enough!”

Helen B

The essence of a most beautifully crafted script can be lost if delivered poorly on the day and means that all your hard work falls flat. The profound experience of a ceremony is quite unlike any other performance and needs some unique skills. In this module you will learn how to create presence and harness the different modalities of the voice in order to lead your mourners through the complex and emotional journey of a funeral and we are lucky to have Pete Joscelyn and Angela Ward, both of whom are deeply immersed in good performance practice with a range of training behind them including theatre, opera, teaching, meditation classes and radio presenting. Pete has a gentle way of bringing intimacy and depth to your delivery.

You will learn:

  • To lead singing
  • To create personal charisma
  • How to change the intonation and character of the voice for different part of the service
  • To deliver poetry with meaning
  • How to engage your listeners with emotional impact
  • To be a confident performer


Thank you for such an amazing service for Mum! And your voice! We all felt a bit anxious on the day, but your calm and warm speaking made us all feel so much better.”


Every funeral script should be as individual as the person you are writing them for and this means that every one so rehould be started with a blank page. This module will encourage your natural creative style and unique voice I so that your services stand out in beautiful language and narrative. We have a number of excellent creative writing experts who have published books and poetry who will lead this module, including Liz Rothschild who has a background in theatre working as a performer, writer and director, she has worked as a celebrant for over thirty years and wrote Outside the Box – Everyday Stories of Death, Bereavement and Life. 

You will learn:

  • How to use language effectively
  • How to create a good structure for your piece
  • How to express yourself fluidly and appropriately.
  • How to allow a variety of emotions to be experienced during your piece
  • How to assess what you have written

We will use exercises and games to work fast and imaginatively and develop a feeling for words.  We will also do some reflective writing.

Whenever we come back to see you it feels like coming home to family.

This module will offer inside knowledge from celebrants and Funeral Directors so you know how you can create a successful business. From making that phone call to creating marketing materials you will learn how to effectively overcome your barriers to confident marketing and will learn what makes YOU attractive for employment is this industry.

You will learn:

  • How to approach the Funeral Director
  • How to make yourself stand out as a celebrant
  • How to manage your own business
  • Confidence with phone calls
  • Presentation and Marketing


“I have just done my 100th ceremony this morning !

I know a very small number compared to you but and it seemed a really big milestone for me to reach after 14 months and I wanted to share with you, my tutor.

This work feels so fulfilling and absolutely what I am meant to be doing. I have had such a variety of clients from the council ones for people suffering with addiction and hoarding and people with learning difficulties to someone whose family were titled, to young people suicides and road traffic accidents, sudden death , expected deaths, people with dementia and two next week who were 99 and still bright as a button – people are so fascinating and human emotion and grief so personal but at the time universal.

Thank you again for all your input and wisdom during the course.”


Assessment Criteria

Assignments both practical and written form the core assessment of proof of your readiness for this challenging yet rewarding career path. In addition, there are personal qualities that are not so easy to assess, but are central when dealing with a family at a sensitive time. We will be looking for evidence of these through your workbook completion and during the course. It is of course important that the people we award, and then send out to families, we feel are a safe pair of hands for tender hearts.

Empathy, Kindness and Warmth – being able to listen openly to what each family is going through and the feelings they have and reflecting these back to them in words and the way you are with them. to be humane, sympathetic, friendly and approachable, giving clients a feeling they are in kind and safe hands both in interactions and the ceremony

Humanity, Non-judging and Authenticity– a good celebrant likes people, sees the best in them and is genuinely interested in their well-being. Everyone has reasons for being like they are and holding the views they have. Celebrants don’t need to agree with them, but need to respect them and not judge them. Funeral celebrants don’t need to show off their knowledge, be the centre of attention, look clever, pretend they feel something they don’t.

Patience, Flexibility and Calm –Celebrants have to be able to show patience and adapt to the needs of the family as well as be able to meet the demands of the funeral director and the timescale. Celebrants need to be flexible and think on their feet to solve problems to be calm under pressure and in emotional situations, and have the capability to calm others if there are tensions and disagreements.

Clarity, Self -awareness and a Sense of humour – to be able to express thoughts clearly and help to sort out complexities and contradictions a gentle sense of  humour can be useful to help families think of the good times and diffuse difficult moments. It is important to know yourself and what are your own boundaries being aware of one’s own bereavement experiences and know what might trigger difficult thoughts and actions

Available Dates

Protected: Become a Funeral Celebrant – Online Booking Deposit
September 16, 2022 - September 18, 2022

Location: Alexandra House, Swindon. SN4 0QJ
Become a Funeral Celebrant – December 2022
December 02, 2022 - December 04, 2022

Location: Alexandra House, Swindon. SN4 0QJ
Become a Funeral Celebrant – Manchester
March 17, 2023 - March 19, 2023

Location: Manchester
Become a Funeral Celebrant – Swindon
June 16, 2023 - June 18, 2023

Location: Alexandra House, Swindon. SN4 0QJ
Become a Funeral Celebrant – Manchester
September 15, 2023 - September 17, 2023

Location: Manchester
Become a Funeral Celebrant – Swindon (December 2023)
December 08, 2023 - December 10, 2023

Location: Alexandra House, Swindon. SN4 0QJ
  • Jules Davis-King
    I felt I was being personally cared for, looked after by someone who gave importance to what I wanted and who empathised completely with my needs and wishes. I was so grateful for that.
    Jules Davis-King
  • Alan James
    I have benefited greatly and I have reviewed significantly the way that I carry out funerals in light of the course
    Alan James
    John Edwards Funeral Directors
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  • Hannah Vaughan
    I came to Green Fuse with no experience of running a business or in the funeral industry. They gave me the knowledge and confidence to set up a successful funeral home which had now been running for nearly two years and has helped over 100 families plan lovely funerals. We have 5 star ratings and have had nothing but positivity from the families who we serve.
    Hannah Vaughan
    Signature Funerals
  • Holly Clarke
    I can't recommend Green Fuse Funeral Director training enough. Simon, Jane, Stephen and Angie, my tutors were all so very kind and helpful. We followed a programme and were presented with a folder which had everything we ever needed to know about funeral directing, a certificate and the reassurance they were there should we ever need support and advice. Having completed the course, I felt confident enough to go on and set up my own funeral company. The training is a mixture of both practical skills but also emotional skills too. I admire greatly their ethos and wouldn't be where I am now without this valuable training.
    Holly Clarke
  • Ash Rao
    The Green Fuse funeral course was incredibly useful and very real. If you want to start a funeral business go and do this course with Green Fuse. When we filled in our first funeral form we remembered the game we played on how to complete them. It was very good.
    Ash Rao
    Moksh Funerals