Introduction to Care of the Body and Mortuary Management

Introduction to Care of the Body and Mortuary Management

This is a special course where Angie McLachlan introduces and teaches the main skills and ‘best-practice’ you will need to develop while caring for a person who has died.

It is a course designed to help you gain confidence.  Tuition, given through a combination of practical tasks and classroom discussion, will introduce you to many aspects of caring for those who have died. The course aims to familiarise you with the need to recognise, assess and manage some of the complex situations which may occur while undertaking Care of the Body. Working with a specially designed Death Dummy, students learn about preparing a person who has died for viewing and for their funeral. Additionally, the course introduces students to the rudiments of working safely in the mortuary environment.

Taking place in a mortuary/funeral home, we have devised the course to give you the best possible knowledge of how to safely manage a great many mortuary situations, with lots of information on health and safety issues and requirements.

About this course

Good practice in caring for the body will help you prepare the body in the most comfortable and natural way for visiting and vigil by the families, giving them an experience of comfort, calm and peace and minimising any fears.


Type: Live
Location: Nationwide
Length: 2 days

What will I learn?

This practical hands-on course by the award-winning Angie McLachlan has to be the nearest to working with a body you can get, without an actual body.

Angie built Ichabod, to be ethically neutral. He is fully articulated and designed to give you a real experience of body care! With our focus on how to look after the dead with care and attention, respect and ritual, you accompany Ichabod on his journey from the point of death to his final resting place.

  • This course takes place in a real funeral home and mortuary.
  • Learn to recognise the difference between basic and complex body care using a lifelike dummy with personality and physical requirements for you to look after.
  • Learn how to prepare and dress a body for a family visit.
  • Learn about a range of resources indispensable for your work and what is available to help you in the development of your own business.

As an award-winning embalmer, course tutor, Angie McLachlan MA (Distinction) Religion: The Rhetoric and Rituals of Death, BA (Hons) Death Loss and Palliative Care, MBIE; has 30 years of experience within the funeral profession.

Having worked with and around death since 1991, Angie holds an informed and unique perspective on mortality, death and caring for the dead. She has undertaken most of the practical tasks relating to funerals, including having been a premises inspector for a Funeral Trade Organisation. In addition to practical experience, Angie has death related academic credentials and is a qualified member of the British Institute of Embalmers.

Angie is responsible for designing and building Ichabod and his family, providing resources, guidance and care of the body training to specialist organisations and individuals.

Angie now concentrates on practical tutoring with her ‘Death Dummy’ Ichabod Smith. She was proud to have her unique work recognised in 2015 when she was honoured to be 1 of 5 finalists in the Good Funeral Award category: ‘Major Contribution to the Understanding of Death.’

Angie is also an ordained priest and is the Founding Bishop of the Liberated Catholic Community for Independents. Alongside mentoring seminary students; she is an artist and qualified NLP practitioner.  Angie values an interpretative approach to teaching that focusses on mentoring the individual student’s vision and aspirations. Although ‘Care of the Body’ classes follow an established formula, they are flexible enough to evolve as the experience and needs of each unique group of students are explored and expanded.

Angie also has Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene: Certificate in Health and Hygiene for the Funeral Service – Passed with Honours.

  • Open to those with or without funeral sector experience and employment.
  • Essential course if setting up your own funeral home.

Assessment Criteria

You will need:

  • sensitivity and understanding
  • good attention to detail
  • an enquiring mind
  • flexibility in outlook

Available Dates

Care of the Body and Mortuary Management – Manchester
November 10, 2022 - November 11, 2022

Location: Signature Funerals 17 Bolton Rd W, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9NA
  • Jules Davis-King
    I felt I was being personally cared for, looked after by someone who gave importance to what I wanted and who empathised completely with my needs and wishes. I was so grateful for that.
    Jules Davis-King
  • Alan James
    I have benefited greatly and I have reviewed significantly the way that I carry out funerals in light of the course
    Alan James
    John Edwards Funeral Directors
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  • Hannah Vaughan
    I came to Green Fuse with no experience of running a business or in the funeral industry. They gave me the knowledge and confidence to set up a successful funeral home which had now been running for nearly two years and has helped over 100 families plan lovely funerals. We have 5 star ratings and have had nothing but positivity from the families who we serve.
    Hannah Vaughan
    Signature Funerals
  • Holly Clarke
    I can't recommend Green Fuse Funeral Director training enough. Simon, Jane, Stephen and Angie, my tutors were all so very kind and helpful. We followed a programme and were presented with a folder which had everything we ever needed to know about funeral directing, a certificate and the reassurance they were there should we ever need support and advice. Having completed the course, I felt confident enough to go on and set up my own funeral company. The training is a mixture of both practical skills but also emotional skills too. I admire greatly their ethos and wouldn't be where I am now without this valuable training.
    Holly Clarke
  • Ash Rao
    The Green Fuse funeral course was incredibly useful and very real. If you want to start a funeral business go and do this course with Green Fuse. When we filled in our first funeral form we remembered the game we played on how to complete them. It was very good.
    Ash Rao
    Moksh Funerals